Mexican food is composed of a rich mixture of traditions from both the Spaniards and Native Indians. It has a very long and complex history which originated with the first Mexican people, the Olmecas, followed by┬áthe Mayans. It was the Spaniards’ arrival in the Aztec culture that transformed the culinary art, introducing several meal preparation techniques which lead to an Indigenous and European fusion, recognized and loved as today’s “Mexican Food.”

Mexico’s gastronomy is characterized by its great variety of dishes and recipes, as well as the complexity of its preparation. It is recognized for its distinctive, exotic and sophisticated flavors.

No other cuisine has “Antojitos” (cravings) quite like Mexican. The sauces are exclusive to our cuisine with their unique flavor. For example, “MOLE” has a particular┬átouch from the Mexican culinary art. These qualities emphasize that Mexican style cooking requires something more than a cookbook.

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